Louise Hung

Louise Hung

I'm a journalist.

I'm so busy writing about unicorns, dinosaurs, and why manhole covers are round that I haven't added a brief and awesome bio to my Contently portfolio yet. I should absolutely do so now!

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Food Riot

What Happens When a Crunchy Vegetarian Marries a Meat Guy? A Lot of Mexican Food. -

My husband and I both love and loath our Friday night food dramas. Tell me if this sounds familiar to you: "Let's go out for dinner, I need a treat!" "Soun...

Food Riot

FOOD RIOT - Play with your food

4 days ago ... By Megan Johnson. 5-25-14. My Latest Veg Game Changer: Beyond Meat · By Louise Hung. 6-2-14. 3 · The Food Riot Round-Up: May 2014....

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Food Riot

I Hate When Fashion Bloggers Post Their Brunch On Instagram -

You guys, I LOVE fashion blogs. And I LOVE Instagram. And I LOVE food pictures on Instagram. But put all these things together and I HATE the results. Let...

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Food Riot

Lyle's Golden Syrup: One Man's Motor Oil, Another Woman's Sweetness -

I like to think of my childhood eating experience as "American With a Twist". Like many newly American families, our eating lives consisted of an odd inter...

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Food Riot

The Happiest I've Ever Been to Make Food I Cannot Eat -

A few weeks ago my husband and I made the long trek from Honolulu, Hawai'i to Belfast, Maine. Despite the 24 hours it took to get there, the copious layove...

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Food Riot

An Act of Defiance: How I Came to Cooking -

One of my earliest cooking memories is being 11 years old and rolling egg rolls in my mother's kitchen. For most of my early life, my mom supplemented her...

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Food Riot

It's Either Them or My Dinner: How I Avoid Dining With Roaches -

It was all palm trees and beach days when I first moved to Hawai'i. My husband settled into our tiny apartment tucked into the foot of a mountain range, an...

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Food Riot

It's Like Buttah…Anchovy Butter! -

My husband regularly asks me if I'm pregnant. After the indignant teenager in my recovers from this question (we don't have children, we have "fur children...

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Food Riot

My Latest Veg Game Changer: Beyond Meat -

Veg life, man. I've been a happy vegetarian/sometimes pescetarian for going on five years now, and while I have no interest in eating land animals again, s...

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Food Riot

Barley Water: I Can't Drink This Anymore, But You Should -

I've been feeling crappy this week. I'm in that spiffy in-between zone where I'm well enough to do my stupid work, but because my stomach feels like there...