Louise Hung

Louise Hung

I'm a journalist.

I'm so busy writing about unicorns, dinosaurs, and why manhole covers are round that I haven't added a brief and awesome bio to my Contently portfolio yet. I should absolutely do so now!

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Tips on What to Do When You Lose Your Dog -- or When You Find Someone Else's

We get advice from the head of a Humane Society in Georgia, who deals with hundreds each year....

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Why I Give My Dog Heartworm Preventative Medication Every Single Month

Most of these medications also protect dogs -- and people -- from other potentially serious diseases....


The 12 Dogs of Christmas: Charles The Monarch

In the recap 2013's awesome dogs, meet the dog who got a haircut and was mistaken for a lion....

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Confession: Yes, My Dogs Come Along for the Family Vacation

Do you take your dogs on vacation with you? I absolutely recommend it....

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7 Ways to Dog-Proof Your House for the Holidays

This holiday season, let's not court a visit to the emergency vet....

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6 Romantic Getaways for Couples Obsessed with Dogs

Do you and your sweetie have a bucket list? Add these destinations and start booking your travel....

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Does Your Dog's Collar Tell His Life Story?

My dog's collar reflects a lifetime of adventures -- does your dog have a collar that does the same?...


Let's Talk: Do Your Dogs Have You Well Trained?

My dogs have wildly different styles, but each one has taught me to do some pretty cool things....

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Emergency Preparedness: 5 Tips for Dog Safety in Fire Season

It's crucial to have an evacuation plan for you and your pets when wildfire risk is high....

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Caring for a Dog While Seven Months Pregnant Is Hard!

But it's not all bad -- my husband and I can practice co-parenting, for example....