Louise Hung

Louise Hung

I'm a journalist.

I'm so busy writing about unicorns, dinosaurs, and why manhole covers are round that I haven't added a brief and awesome bio to my Contently portfolio yet. I should absolutely do so now!

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Open uri20140604 2126 1uso6ic article

What Does Cat Food Taste Like? I Can Tell You -- I Tried It

You know that "yuck shiver dance" reaction after you taste a gamey, salty mush? Yeah, I did that....

Open uri20140604 2126 ixvxuh article

Should I Move to Japan with My Husband or Stay with My Cat?

Serious question, you guys. I'm not sure I can leave Brandy, my senior kitty....


My Cats Are Eating My Paycheck in Raw Food; I'm Fine with That

I don't live beyond my means, but thanks to a pricey raw diet, my cats do....

Open uri20140604 2126 p0yupm article

Confession: I Tried to Contact My Cat's Ghost Using a Ouija Board

Mew had just passed away, so I lit a candle and called in my other two cats for a kitty seance....

Open uri20140604 2126 ywpllv article

How to Make a "Tuna Turkey" for Your Cat This Thanksgiving

Your cat is part of your family too, so on special occasions, the Tuna Turkey is a fun treat....

Open uri20140604 2126 6pnhzx article

Growing Up with Cats Taught Me About Being Human

From Sammy, Mew, and Angel I learned about compassion, aging, and even rivalry....

Open uri20140604 2126 p2b4h0 article

PyroPets: We Interview Designer Thorunn Arnadottir About Her Cute and Creepy Cat Candles

When these candles burn away, something striking remains -- learn why she puts it there....

Open uri20140604 2126 162g0ad article

The Hawaiian Island of Oahu Has Two Big Feral Cat Problems

Giving a cat we called "Grimy" a dignified end illustrates not only the staggering number of feral cats but also the callous attitude that prevails....


I Talk About My Cats Like They're My Babies -- So What?

You have your baby, and I have mine....

Open uri20140604 2126 qgs2o2 article

When My Husband's Away, I Get to Be the Cat's Favorite

When he's out of town, I suddenly become the apple of my cat's eye, the tuna in her turkey....