Louise Hung

Louise Hung

I'm a journalist.

I'm so busy writing about unicorns, dinosaurs, and why manhole covers are round that I haven't added a brief and awesome bio to my Contently portfolio yet. I should absolutely do so now!

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creepy corner

xoJane.com is where women go when they are being selfish, and where their selfishness is applauded....

Open uri20140604 2126 ajqml4 article

CREEPY CORNER: Sometimes True Stories Are Scarier Than The Movies

Sometimes the true story is even creepier than the movie....

Open uri20140604 2126 1p0h6sd article

Creepy Corner: Real Life Zombie Edition

My grandfather saw the dead walk through his village. You know, ZOMBIES....

Open uri20140604 2126 5lbjge article

Louise's Creepy Corner: Your Ghosty, Spooky Dumping Ground

I really need to come up with a better title don't I?...

Open uri20140604 2126 1fcjlh9 article

My Cats Are on An Expensive Raw Diet That Eats Up Most of My Paycheck

I don't live beyond my means, but my cats do....

Open uri20140604 2126 ww5yp3 article

I Take Shockingly Horrible Photos

The first thing people always ask is,...

Open uri20140604 2126 9x4z8u article

I'M A WOMAN DIRECTOR: How I Learned to Love Being the Boss

You could point to the male dominated industry, glass ceiling, misogyny, etc., but really, I wonder if some of us are prematurely discounting ourselves?...

Open uri20140604 2126 dztgd3 article

Creepy Corner: College Edition

Do you have any spooky stories from where you went to college?...

Open uri20140604 2126 ok4wut article

Creepy Corner: The House on La Salle Road

Have you ever simply...

Open uri20140604 2126 1uso6ic article

What Does Cat Food Taste Like? I Can Tell You -- I Tried It

You know that "yuck shiver dance" reaction after you taste a gamey, salty mush? Yeah, I did that....

Open uri20140604 2126 ixvxuh article

Should I Move to Japan with My Husband or Stay with My Cat?

Serious question, you guys. I'm not sure I can leave Brandy, my senior kitty....


My Cats Are Eating My Paycheck in Raw Food; I'm Fine with That

I don't live beyond my means, but thanks to a pricey raw diet, my cats do....

Open uri20140604 2126 p0yupm article

Confession: I Tried to Contact My Cat's Ghost Using a Ouija Board

Mew had just passed away, so I lit a candle and called in my other two cats for a kitty seance....

Open uri20140604 2126 ywpllv article

How to Make a "Tuna Turkey" for Your Cat This Thanksgiving

Your cat is part of your family too, so on special occasions, the Tuna Turkey is a fun treat....